June 2018 Update: I stepped back in! I'm grateful for the perspective of seeing ski racing from the outside for a bit, and now re-enter recognizing that ski training is one part of me that contributes to a sense of fulfillment, but does not define me. I'm "living the dream" of working several "freelance" jobs, able to support myself while also supporting the flighty lifestyle of a traveling athlete with a particular training schedule. It's never as good as it looks, and while I love say to love what I do for work, those circles of work passion and have not totally eclipsed yet, hence a revisit to the blog. 

As I keep growing to express the parts of me that best reflect light, I'm most interested by how the space we inhabit, be it natural, built, or digital, has the power to positively affect our mind, outlook, and choices. While I'll still be exploring the root nature of places, I look forward to examining the why of positive space feedback.

September 2017 Update: I have since taken a step back from ski racing, as of March 2017. While I have not written any new posts since then, I stand by the motivations behind my writing in that period, and am still sorting how I'll continue writing here in my post-pro-athlete existence. 

May 2015: I am Heather Mooney, a  professional cross country skier for the Craftsbury Green Racing Project, one of a handful of professional cross country ski teams in the US. I grew up in southern VT and followed a love of skiing to Middlebury College. While at Middlebury, I found success on the ski team and re-found a passion for understanding the world around me through studies in Geology and ultimately a major in Architecture. Now, as I pursue life as a professional athlete, training and racing around the world, I hope to expand my understanding of how place shapes experience